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“Yet I have glimpsed the bright mountain behind the mountain,”

             Kathleen Raine from “ The Wilderness”


My work explores a place in the human psyche where the conscious and the subconscious meet.   It is a point where our awareness of the natural world emerges for a brief moment and we wake up!    


The desert is a contrast by its complex nature.  Hot days and frozen nights, the fur of a coyote’s underbelly and armor-plated scorpions.  Glittering desert cities and isolated ranches. As a child, something extraordinary happened when my sister and I rode our bicycles outside of town and ventured into the sagebrush wilderness. Like children emerging from the cupboard into Narnia, we entered a different consciousness.


Many of us move through our daily lives in a trance, the cracked sidewalks and gleaming buildings and fast freeways and drive-throughs becoming endemic to the place we live. At rare times, though, we might look to the horizon just after sunset, peering out at the steep mountains, noting their color or dark shape against the night sky, and we experience a momentary shift. We become aware of a different reality, the "mountain behind the mountain," and we awaken, if only for a brief moment.




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